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IngSoft EasyPipe

Software for static calculation of pipes and manholes


The right solution for precise and reliable planning

Whether new installation or renovation, whether drinking water or wastewater, whether as open channel or pressure pipe, whether installed in trenches or trenchless: IngSoft EasyPipe is the solution for the static calculation of your pipelines. The software, which is conveniently available for download, saves you valuable time through fast and accurate calculations. It takes into account the latest standards and can be used internationally due to the possibility of multilingual input and output of content.

IngSoft EasyPipe is based on many years of experience in the fields of engineering and software development: Our software is on the market since 1998 and now successfully used by more than 600 active users - spread over all continents.

Calculate with IngSoft EasyPipe and benefit from the advantages

  • The right solution for everyone: Whether planning and engineering office, surveyor, pipe manufacturer, client or test engineer - IngSoft EasyPipe supports you while planning and assessing your individual projects.
  • You decide what you need: Depending on your requirements, we offer you the appropriate range of functions. You can combine the calculation modules according to your needs. In addition, we offer you more complex extensions for special cases and are happy to realise individual concerns on request.
  • Always up to date: Our software is always state of the art regarding design and dimensioning.
  • Always reliable: IngSoft EasyPipe enables a reliable assessment of planned building measures by taking common standards into account. The software provides a mathematical proof of structural stability as well as a verifiable long-term documentation.
  • Stable foundation: Benefit from many years of experience and our reliable support.

Engineering services for pipes, manholes and liners

Our software IngSoft EasyPipe is ideally suited for standard static calculations. However, special materials, irregular cross-sections and small overlaps may require additional considerations.

We offer

  • Pipe statics for new and existing constructions
  • Manhole statics
  • Liner statics for renovation
  • Dimensioning of buried container
  • Statics for cable bundles, statics for conduit packages
  • Tension determination under special loads (streetcar, reachstacker, aircraft)

Our individual structural design starts where common standards stop. Therefore, we also offer such static calculations as a service on request: Please feel free to contact us!


Get to know IngSoft EasyPipe.

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